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Downloads are currently available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android operating systems.

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Space Jawns Downloads FAQs

Is there a Space Jawns iOS version?
No. I am currently looking into a newer version of the iOS Developer license so that I can start building and testing Space Jawns for the iOS without paying their yearly fee.
How much disk space does Space Jawns use?
The download is around 100MB. The extracted Space Jawns installation is currently around 335MB as of the 3.0.0-Alpha release.
Is there any DLC?
No. Space Jawns currently does not offer any Downloadable Content. We currently only have plans to release standalone versions in the Space Jawns series.
How much does Space Jawns cost?
Space Jawns is currently in Alpha, so it is not currently for sale. The Alpha and Beta versions of Space Jawns will be free to play. The final version price is TBD.
Are there any plugins or addons?
No. We currently do not have any sort of plugin system integrated into the game. We do have plans to support plugins in our Roadmap.
When will the next version be released?
Space Jawns releases are typically released every few months to add new content and fix existing major bugs. New releases are available on the downloads page.