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Space Jawns Game Credits

I come from an open source background in software development, so naturally I have leaned towards using open source game art in Space Jawns. I have been learning a lot the past few months and have actually been making many of my own sounds and some other artwork, but I still have a bunch of people to thank for getting Space Jawns to where it is today.

Asset Credits

Game Art

Various Space Skyboxes

Game Assets

Enemy Turret Model

Game Music

Main Menu background music, Insert Coin_1.mp3.

Level 1-10 background music, circling.mp3.

Game Over menu background music Sci-Fi Close.

High Scores menu background music, catinspace_h1.mp3

Credits menu background music, Sky Game Menu.mp3

Software Credits

Testing Team Credits

  • Henrik Gotfredsen - Android and Windows testing.
  • Matthew Adolph - Windows testing.
  • Michael Hale - Windows testing.
  • Nick Lewis - Mac and Windows testing.

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