There are a handful of new features in the 2.0.6 Alpha release. The biggest change is that our scoring system has changed a bit. You can read more about the new scoring system on our How to play Space Jawns page.


  • Changed Main Menu to new UI Buttons instead of old GUI Button.
  • Added scrolling Credits text.
  • Fixed GUI elements overlapping on pause.
  • Added 4th and 5th levels for additional testing of higher difficulty levels and awarding testers additional ships.
  • Added silly random text to main menu screen.
  • Added new High Score screen background music.
    • catinspace_h1.mp3
    • Credit: mutantleg
    • URL:
  • Added View Top 100 button on High Scores screen that opens browser to online high scores page.
  • Redid most GUIText elements as UI.Text elements.
  • Added opaque background to pause menu.
  • Redid pause menu buttons as UI Buttons.
  • Added a countdown timer for high scores submissions so that malicious users cannot hammer the database.
  • Added incremental XP requirements IE: lvl1 2000 lvl2 3000 lvl3 4000 etc.
    • Added level scoring breakdown in README.txt
  • Added limit to distance playerBullets can travel and damage enemies so it is harder to shoot enemies that are still off screen.

Check out the Space Jawns download page to get the latest files.