Summer has been a bit slow for development due to a few factors, but changes I have been able to make have been significant. I was able to figure out a very annoying bug that has haunted me since I added the logic for the Enemy Turret. The fix allows the Ememy Turret to aim at the player wherever they are, and have a level of difficulty that can be changed per level. There are some other fixes and tweaks for menu items and other UI elements for ultra-widescreen monitors thanks to a new QA tester, Red.


  • Enemy Turrets are aimed at right height now.
  • Enemy Turrets now track player around the screen properly.
    • Set turretRotateError settings per level.
    • May need additional tweaking per level after QA.
  • Tweaked dimensions for ultra-widescreen monitors. (Thanks Red!)

Check out the Space Jawns download page to get the latest files.