As you may have noticed, there are a few minor version releases missing since the last release. I decided to just roll those changes into this release, as there was a lot of QA and testing that needed to be done before releasing another release after the 2.2.0-Alpha and 2.3.0-Alpha changes. There are also a few bug fixes and new features in the the full 2.4.0-Alpha release.

The first minor release, 2.2.0-Alpha, was that I converted all Space jawns game scripts to use C# instead of Javascript for a few reasons. One was that I just bought an asset that ony worked in C#, and the other is that C# is known for better performance over Javascript in games. Space Jawns is now fully scripted in C#. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of some of these new enhancements as the game matures. So far it the C# code has helped me be a better developer as it is much less forgiving than Javascript.

The second minor release, 2.3.0-Alpha, was that I upgraded All Space Jawns game scripts to be compatible with unity 5. This also has a bunch of enhancements over the previous version I was using to build the game, Unity 4.6. This was apparently meant to be, as I received an email from Unity a few days later about how Unity 4.6 would no longer be supported after 2015.

These processes have brought about a new life to Space Jawns, even in it’s infancy, and have allowed me to fix some long standing bugs in the process as well.

read more about the Space Jawns Javascript to C# Conversion.

Check out the Space Jawns download page to get the latest files.